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We offer personalised and high-quality lightweight conservatory roof replacement and insulation solutions at an affordable price.

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Experts in transforming old conservatories into beautiful living spaces

Do you have an old conservatory? Are you struggling to control the temperature during the summer and winter seasons? Is your conservatory damp or its roof leaking?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you have come to the right place.

Conservatory Roof Solutions (CSR UK) specialises in conservatory roof replacement and efficient insulation using only high-quality products, such as SupaLite lightweight tiles. These are aesthetic and durable products that will never disappoint you.

We cover the North West and South West of England, Derbyshire, and Wales. With over 1000 successfully completed projects and a five-star customer rating, we are confident that we can provide you with a cost-effective solution to your needs.

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Insulation is always a major issue

A classic conservatory is a great way to add space to your home. It is a relatively cheap solution to extend your house, compared to a typical house extension, for example. For a long time, glass and polycarbonate have been the primary materials used in these structures because of the light and uplifting feel that they provide. Lately, though, they have presented a raft of seemingly unbearable challenges.

Polycarbonate and even glass are pretty bad insulators because of the way they regulate room temperature. Did you realise that most cases of damp and mold are caused by extreme temperature fluctuations primarily attributed to these inefficient materials?

Experience told us that people tend to abandon their conservatories as soon as troubles arise. This is a clear waste of resources, yet it is something that can be avoided.

Make your Conservatory functional with a Conservatory Roof Replacement

Conservatory Roof Tiles

Making your conservatory part of your home. We are using state of the art products to insulate your conservatory properly and make it therefore usable all year round.

We provide affordable and high-quality solutions to transform your poorly insulated conservatory into a cozy living space.

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Conservatory roof replacement - The potential pitfalls

Polycarbonate material

One of the cheapest roof materials is polycarbonate (or plastic as you may know it better). It presents a rather unappealing look and generally lacks sufficient insulation. Polycarbonate steams hot during summer and freezes cold in the winter. Indeed cheap can be expensive!

Clad over roof

This is probably the worst of all the options you could go for. Don't be tempted by low prices that this solution offers because usually, a new roof gets wrapped around the existing one, exerting more pressure. This may compromise the structural integrity of the whole conservatory.

The glass roof

Glass is one of the most common materials used for this structure’s cover. It is undoubtedly more appealing than polycarbonate and a safer option to the clad over the roof. However, if you wish to opt for an anti-glare, scratch-resistant glass quality, then be prepared to pay hefty prices. Another prevalent issue with glass cover is that they need regular maintenance. Algae and dirt become visible very quickly requiring frequent cleaning. Also, with age, the glass tends to leak more than polycarbonate, for example.

Conservatory Roof Replacement Costs

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Lightweight tiles

If you are contemplating to replace your conservatory roof, lightweight roofing tiles are your best option. Not only does a tiled roof insulate your room significantly but it is also low maintenance, long-lasting and therefore a cost-efficient alternative.

We chose to exclusively work with SupaLite products as we genuinely believe they are the best products available in the UK. SupaLite lightweight tiles have undergone extensive testing and can fit any conservatory style. They come in a wide array of colors to suit your extension and make it blend in with your house.

Are you looking to revive your old conservatory?

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The benefits of replacing your roof in a nutshell

Improved insulation

After we have installed your new SupaLite lightweight roof, you will notice a significant improvement in terms of insulation. Your room stays much cooler during hot summer days and cozy warm in the winter. You will also see a reduction in energy bills, such as heating costs.

Environmental noise reduction

SupaLite tiles drastically reduce environmental noises such as rain, wind, birds, and traffic. Some of our previous customers even used this additional space as an extra bedroom after we finished upgrading

Improved security

Once our tiles are fitted, they are tough to remove, making it pretty much burglar-proof. That not only gives you peace of mind but keeps the insurance company happy as well.

Increase in property value

A survey has shown that all conservatories CSR UK has converted have marginally increased in their property value. Converting not only increases living space but effectively adds another room to your house without having to build an actual extension.

Low maintenance, improved appearance

SupaLite lightweight tiles are self-cleaning with anti-glare properties. Algae and other dirt wash off with rain, reducing maintenance cost to almost zero. Owing to the wide variety of tile colors, your unit will blend in with your house, making it not only to look but also feel like an extension.

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The cost of conservatory roof replacements and timeframe

To be able to give you an idea about the cost, we need to find out a few details about your unit, as there are many different shapes and sizes. We first advise you to fill out our contact form, and you will get a free quote without any obligation.

Are you wondering how long it may take to have our Lightweight tiles fixed?  Well, it depends more on the shape and size of your roof. However, based on the experience, we are confident to estimate 3-4 weeks for a conventional replacement. This covers the whole process from the survey to completion. 


We enjoy a star customer rating

  • Just had the new roof fitted. Great job that looks amazing.The installation team were very good and conscientious. Looking forward to our new room.
    Mikey B.
  • Just had our roof put on, ceiling in and plastered. The two guys worked hard even in the rain. A brilliant job done. Loving the lights. Will be going out to buy new furniture for my lovely new room soon. Thank You you lads x
    Michael H.
  • This has been a brilliant transformation to our conservatory. It has turned an unusable room into a lovely second lounge area for us. The roof does an incredible job of making the room a much more stable temperature whilst keeping the light and and bright feel to it. We wish we had done it years ago! The whole set up is very professional, everyone from the salesman, business owners and the fitting team were easy to contact, friendly and couldn't do more to help make sure everything went well. There was plenty of pre and post sales contact as well which was a nice touch. If you decide to make the change you won't regret the product or the service. Thank you!
    Denise F.
  • We had our conservatory roof changed a couple of weeks ago and are really delighted with the result. From getting our quote to the completion of the work, the service we received was absolutely fabulous. The roof looks so much better and we can feel the difference even before installing our heating (also can’t hear the rain like we used to, another bonus!), we are so pleased we chose to use Lightweight Roofing. The lads worked extremely hard the whole time they were here, tidied up thoroughly and were a pleasure to have around. Highly recommended.
    Em S.
  • We have had our new roof 3 weeks now and wow what a transformation it has made, not just visually but it has also made our house warmer and usable day or night on cold days and evenings. We are glad we took the time to review the products and suppliers and finally settle on Lightweight Roofing as the whole team have been very genuine and professional from start to finish. This includes their after sales support which has been exceptional.
    Robert S.

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