Replacing your conservatory roof not only helps you to add room to your home, it also adds value to it. Your conservatory also becomes a welcoming cosy room after installing your replacement roof. However, there are numerous dangers associated to improper conservatory roof replacement and insulation jobs. Conservatory roof replacement and insulation may seem simple but choose badly and you could end up suffering structural damage to your conservatory.

Due to several unorthodox and hazardous methods of re-roofing, home owners have to research exhaustively.  The most important factor should not be the cheapest way to get the conservatory roof replaced. It should be the durability, comfort and value that the new roof will provide.

As a home owner, some of the primary concerns should also be ensuring that your conservatory replacement and insulation job meets the building regulations standards. A clad-over roof as cheap as it may be doesn’t meet most of the requirements. This poses serious dangers not only to your conservatory roof, but also the underlying structure itself.

As a home owner, paying attention to this dangers will help you protect your bank balance. A SupaLite roof comes with a 10 year warranty and a life span of 50 years. An improperly done roof will require expensive repairs soon after its installation.

Tell-tale signs of an improper roof replacement and insulation job

An improper roof replacement and insulation job doesn’t become a danger overnight. There are tell-tale signs that a home owner can observe.

An uneven roof

Lack of uniformity on your replacement roof is a sign of an improperly done replacement job. Your roof should be uniform and also should not sag on either sides. An uneven roof is caused by using different or substandard materials. It may also be caused by the inexperience of the contractor.

Improper nailing technique

All roofing nails should be galvanised or stainless steel. This is to reduce the effects of corrosion on your roof. Improper nailing technique will also result in overdriven nails which create tears on your roof causing leaks. Uneven nail spacing reduces the lifespan of your roof. The uneven joints create pockets that may eventually cause leaks in your conservatory.

Missing drip edge flushing

Drip edge protects your conservatory from pest infestation and water damage. Although hard for a home owner to realize it initially, if your contractor fails to install drip edge flushing your replacement roof may be damaged by leaks and moisture.

Recycling Damaged Materials

Recycling materials for use on your conservatory roof will save you money. However, using damaged material will compromise the integrity of your roof structure and the safety of your conservatory.

Dangers of Improper Conservatory Roof Replacement and Insulation

Failure to conduct a complete tear-down

If you decide to replace your conservatory roof, your roofing contractor must strip off the old roof including the structure before installing the new one. A complete removal of the old roof allows your contractor to check for problems. Rotten wood and rusted frames won’t be able to hold nails or additional weight of a clad-over roof in place.

Dangers of a clad-over roof replacement

Clad-over roofs are cheap but they are not a lasting solution. A clad-over roof is prone to leaks and cave-ins due to the additional weight and stress on the overall structure. Although initially cheap, the damages incurred from a clad-over roof mishap can be prohibitive. To ensure your home is building regulations compliant, avoid the temptation of cheapening out with this solution.

Structural damage, leaks and failure to meet building regulations are enough reasons to consider the quality of your roof replacement and insulation. A new, lightweight tiled conservatory roof replacement offers an upgrade from the extreme weather changes of summer and winter. An improper replacement offers none of this.

If done properly you can use your conservatory as an additional room to your house

Further, a clad-over roof does not provide much needed insulation against extreme heat during summer or the winter cold. This failure to offer any insulation renders your conservatory uninhabitable. For an upgrade, the failure to convert your conservatory into an all season cosy room can be considered as a failure.

A tile conservatory roof replacement involves using light weight material. It also involves replacing weak and damaged support structure. Simply wrapping a new roof over an existing unacceptable roofing system doesn’t solve the underlying issues. Rotten beams and weakened support structure are just a few of the issues that may be underlying.

Other dangers of an improper roof replacement and insulation job

For home owners who opt for a roof replacement other than a clad over roof, there are still some dangers that one should look out for. This are dangers associated with working with unqualified contractors. Poor workmanship and inexperience are a major cause of the highlighted roofing concerns.

Working with qualified and vetted professionals goes a long way in protecting your investment. There are numerous fraudulent contractors on the market. Exercise caution by requesting for testimonials from neighbours. Ensure your contractor understands your design needs and has experience in implementing it. Further, working with qualified contractors guarantees your home will satisfy the building control team.

SupaLite Tiled Roof

A SupaLite tiled roof is one of the best available on the market

The aim of replacing and insulating your conservatory is to increase its usability. When improperly done, your conservatory roof will not produce the desired relief. This may be due to use of substandard materials or your new roof not being aligned to your needs. This danger is avoidable with consultation and expert help.

In a bid to make savings, one may be tempted to opt for cheaper and inferior materials. However, use of cheap and inferior materials for your roof poses hazards that could lead to expensive roof repairs. Parts failing to fit right or align is a major concern that can lead to a weakened roof structure. Also, the durability and effectiveness of cheaper alternatives for your roof structure are mostly unknown.

Although you may seek to make savings on your conservatory replacement roof, cheap materials should be limited to none core sections of your roof. The best saving that one can make is using a SupaLite tiled roof. With 25 years warranty per tile and a 50 year life expectancy, a tiled roof saves you more than the temporary and cheap solutions available.