Besides other reasons, building a conservatory provides you with the extra needed space to relax, unwind and attend to your personal affairs just next to your main house. However, like any other building, your structure will lose its fine edges and require an upgrade or conversion.

The question is, when do you know that your Conservatory needs conversion, and what are the accompanying benefits?

Lightweight roofing tiles will balance your room temperature

Does your Conservatory feel like a greenhouse in summer and a cold room in winter?

If so, then most likely this problem is being caused by your poorly insulated roof. Typically, Polycarbonate roofs tend to conserve too much heat during summer, leading to overheating. And the opposite happens during winter as you will find the room too cold because it allows more heat to escape.

Replace the polycarbonate roof with our lightweight conservatory roofing tiles to ensure proper insulation.

If this room is your favourite relaxation space, then you may want to consider replacing the polycarbonate roof with our lightweight conservatory roofing tiles. These tiles provide an extra layer of insulation in ways that keep the room warm in winter and much cooler in summer.

Glass and Polycarbonate roofs can also get too noisy, especially during the rainy season. However, converting to lightweight tiles will almost eliminate the noise because the experience will be the same as that of your main house.

You save on the cost that comes with moving for extra space

If you’ve been keen enough, you must have realised that the cost of moving has gone quite high. Could this be the reason why conservatory conversions have become more popular? Well, whatever the reason, why spend an extra buck looking for a bigger house when you can create the required space and stay put right there in your favourite home?

You will use it as you choose

Perhaps, the foremost benefit of attaching a conservatory to your house is that it extends your house hence offering you more living space. Actually, your imagination is the only limit regarding how you may use this room. It may serve as an office, bedroom, family room, dining room or even storeroom.

  • Office- This room can serve as great workspace because it detaches you from the distractions that pop up every so often in the main house.
  • Bedroom- If well insulated and warm enough, you can create such a cozy bedroom out of this space.
  • Family room – Family can watch TV and make lots of fun here. It can serve as a living room by extension
  • Dining room- The abundance of natural light in this room creates a calm dining environment.
  • Storage – Homes with little space can use it as a storage facility.

It saves on energy

It is every homeowner’s wish to spend less and save more, but when winter comes around, your bills may involuntarily go up due to the heating expenses. So which measures do you need to take to save on energy?

Our immediate advice is; convert from glass to the brick wall conservatory. In essence, it takes more energy to heat a glass conservatory because it is far less insulated than a room with brick walls. Remember, even the double glazing may not conserve enough heat to pull down the heating expenses. Blinds, shutters and double glazers can well minimise the loss of heat but not to the thermal standards of an insulated room.

It increases the value of your home

Are Conservatory worth the money?

Conservatories come in different shapes and styles like the Victorian, Edwardian, P-Shaped, Lantern, Lean To, Gable and many more.  Whichever design you choose solely depends on your architectural preference. But did you know that the erection of this structure next to your house significantly increases the value of your home?

Conservatories can add value to your property

Conservatories can add value to your property

As already said, it extends your living space, can serve as an additional room and adds value to your property.

And so: Are Conservatory worth the money?

Yes! It is worth every penny invested, because it, in the long run, may stand out as a key selling point when you decide to relinquish the property.

When does a conservatory become an extension?

You can build a conservatory under permitted development rights and may hence not need to make an application for planning permission. However, if you wish to convert it into an extension, you need to get planning permission to ensure that everything is being done within the law. This is because the permitted development has not sufficiently covered extensions. Before approval, a surveyor will visit and assess to determine the feasibility of converting the structure into an extension.

Despite the glaring similarities, an extension may be a larger structure built with stronger pillars to give it a higher level of structural integrity.

And so, when does a conservatory become an extension?

Well, homeowners have varied reasons why they would want to convert but the majority upgrade because they need a more serious and energy efficient structure.

Can Conservatory have a solid roof?

Since many traditional have structures been roofed with the polycarbonate or glass material, it is very easy to sit there and wonder, “Can a conservatory have a solid roof?”

Well, your answer is yes! Our lightweight roofing tiles are changing the whole script around conservatory roofing because of the holistic manner in which they address most of the weather and temperature challenges.

The failure by the traditional materials to address the winter and summer challenges is the main reason why more homeowners are ordering for our roof replacement services.

Among many other advantages, our lightweight roofing tiles;

  • Have been designed and are fixed to conserve warmth in cold seasons
  • They’ve been tested and approved according to JHAI standards
  • You no longer have to worry about cleaning a dirty roof.
  • They eliminate all overhead noises ( rain, wind etc.)
  • They cannot be easily pulled out, i.e. burglarproof
  • They keep your room cool when temperatures soar.

Can I convert from Conservatory to room?

Have you at any point looked at your Conservatory and wondered if you convert it into a real room? Well, that is possible although several structural changes may have to be effected first. You will, for instance, need to fix the lightweight roofing tiles if you are still under glass or polycarbonate sheets. In this case, a thorough survey may need to be carried out to ensure that your structure can support the weight of a tiled roof.

For you to successfully convert from Conservatory to room, you may need to consider insulation seriously. Here are some three reasons why you need the converted room well insulated

  • First, you achieve a level of temperature regulation that ensures that the place is habitable all round the year
  • Second, a well-insulated room means that you will no longer keep heating the room and incurring hefty power bills
  • Last though not least, a solid room will relieve you of the expense that comes with regular maintenance services on a conservatory.

Upgrade today and enjoy the luxury that comes with a modern house extension. For more information contact us now.